Saturday, 3 January 2015


"Cheers to a New Year & Another Chance to Get It Right"
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Always strive to achieve something. No matter how insignificant you feel it might look to someone else. If it's important to your happiness, go for it! I've put together some of my own resolutions & goals for 2015. Will I get them all? Stick around and find out! 

Resolution 1: Read 50 books... I've set up a goal of 50 books for my Good Reads 2015 Reading Challenge.

Resolution 2: Join a Netball team.. I used to play netball over 8 years ago, I'd like to get stuck in again and give it a bash. Who knows I may even make the team! 

Resolution 3: Go to Italy - I'm hoping to go to Italy this year and visit all the classic sites - do I have enough money? Well... that's another story. 

Resolution 4: Keep learning - I'm studying with the Open University and I'm hoping to make a dent in my degree this year. I'm on fire!

Resolution 5: See my friends more. I don't see my friends as much as I'd like and I want that to change in 2015. Coffee's, lunches, dinners & drinks. I'm there! 

Resolution 6: Visit family across the pond - I have family in Canada and I want to get myself back over the pond and repeat my holiday of a lifetime 2014. More memories please! 

Resolution 7: Start yoga. A popular resolution among the ladies? Yes! Am I making this as a serious goal? Yes! I want to be flexible and I want to be fit and I want to be all the things that lots of yoga makes you!

Resolution 8: Disney!! I know I already have two holiday trips on this list, and I don't exactly make a lot of money... but give me some credit. It's Disney!!

Resolution 9: Become a Pinterest master. Creativity makes me happy. I want to master Pinterest and be the domestic goddess, beauty queen that Pinterest makes you. 

Resolution 10: Be happy in my own skin. I find I've fallen into the trap the so many women are in. I'm not always happy in my own skin. I'm striving to work on my body & my mind and be content! 


  1. Wow it sounds like you will be very busy this year!! Fab resolutions :) x

  2. Thank you! They're pretty ambitious! ;) XxX