Sunday, 25 January 2015

Night-Time Essentials For Sleepy Beauty's

"Great skin is always in!"

For us beauty conscious girls, a bedtime skincare regime is essential. Hair, face, skin, lips, nails, feet etc etc... but we're only human right? What if some nights you're just too tired to go through the motions and you just want to dive into bed... for me, this happens more often than not!

That's why I have my emergency bedside-window skincare kit for when I'm just too tired to go the full haul. Now, please be advised this isn't the best skincare regime in the world. This regime is more for the odd night you're completely pooped, but still want to give your skin some extra care.

What I have:

Simple Kind to Skin Face Wipes

Classic Nivea Creme 200ml

Radiance Facial Oil

What I do:

I use the Simple face wipes to take off my makeup. Not as great as a good makeup remover and face scrub, but this is damage control for tired nights! I use two wipes, one to take off my initial layer of makeup and a fresh wipe to give my face a final once over.

I then use my classic Nivea Creme and dot it on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. For those of you who have used this before, you will know that this is quite a thick cream. That's why my next step works really well.

I take the Zaza & Cruz facial oil and add a drop to my forehead, each cheek and chin. I then rub the moisturiser and facial oil into my face and neck. The oil gives the thick moisturiser a fantastic texture that slides over your face amazingly!

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