Saturday, 17 January 2015


"In my quest to find a Christmas tree star, I reached for the nearest next best thing - a bottle cap. Hashtag improvisation!"

In my new quest to act upon almost every whim I recently came across Mensa and decided I'd like to apply. 130 IQ you say? No problem!

I registered myself for a supervised exam and got a personality test to take online as a plus. Although my IQ test isn't scheduled until March I proceeded to take the personality test... and my results?

Wouldn't you believe it... I'm an improviser!

  • The buzz of interaction keeps you energised and enthusiastic
  • Talking is your natural medium 
  • You imagine the big picture rather than small details
  • Treat everything as a 'work in progress'
  • Make decisions using intuition rather than logic. 
  • Seeing multi tasking as variety rather than distraction
  • Be flexible and constantly on the move 
  • Constantly moving your 'goal' posts
  • Need little guidance or planning - improvise as you go along.
  • Bring enthusiasm & new ideas with willingness to discuss - sometimes endlessly!
  • Focus on people. Detest systems that dehumanise.

I have to admit, these do ring a bell. Spooky! Do any of these traits sound familiar to you? You could be an improviser too... and there's certainly nothing wrong with that!

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