Sunday, 22 February 2015

Album Love: Elliott Smith: Either/Or

"Drink up baby, stay up all night. With the things you could do. You won't, but you might."

Overview: I came across this album while browsing the iTunes Store. It was Smith's second album, and was released in 1997. I'd never heard of him, but something drew me to it. Whether it was the name, the cover or just my urge to make an iTunes purchase there and then, I'm not sure.  

As soon as plugging myself into this album I realised that it wasn't just any old music Elliott had made, but a sharing of a piece of his soul. His music is filled with a haunting pain which intrigued me. I started researching him and found out that he struggled with drugs and addiction.

Top Track: Between the Bars. This is the one song that struck me clearly from the others in this album. A soul revealing piece of music that you just need to listen to for yourself.

Other Noteworthy Tracks:
  • Pictures of Me  
  • Alameda 
  • No Name No. 5 
  • 2.45 AM 
  • Speed Trials 

Verdict:  I was saddened at the revelation that the man behind such captivating inner conflict, had lost his battle with the addiction in which much of this album is focused around; and I wonder if it is this knowledge that gives his music all the more pull. In my opinion, with Eithor/Or, Elliott Smith has left behind something special.

Rating: 9/10

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