Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Perks of Adult Colouring!

"There's something widely satisfying about adding colour to an otherwise black and white world...."

I always loved colouring books when I was little, there's something widely satisfying about adding colour to an otherwise black and white world. Apart from the odd play date with my little niece it never crossed my mind throughout my teens and into adulthood that I might want to continue to colour, so I was surprised to say the least that after a visit to see a loved one I came across adult colouring books in the common room. After having an absolute blast I decided to invest on my own and discovered the benefits that come with adult colouring...

1 - Feed your creativity. For those of you with a creative streak that never quite got round to honing your drawing or painting skills.

2 - It's therapeutic. Feeling stressed or anxious? Colouring helps takes your mind off the rest of the world in a world that's otherwise never switched off. It's just you and your platoon of colours ready to take action!

3 - They come in travel sizes! Bored at the airport, on the bus, on the plain, in the car? Whip out your colouring book and pens and paint the hours away in a rainbow of fun. I recommend The One and Only Colouring Book for Travelling Adults.

4 - They make a fantastic gift. Wanting to gift a friend or family member something different? Adult colouring books are a thoughtful gift that won't break the bank. I recommend Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom. It's sizeable, filled with lots of attractive designs to colour in, and the cover is beautiful.

5 - It's fun and social! Got your best girlfriend round? Visiting your Grandmother? Multi tasking with colouring books, cocktails, munchies and gossip makes a quirky combination for a quiet night in.

Moral of the story: Colour as you want to live... Add colour to a world that is otherwise black and white.

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