Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Netflix: August Top Picks

"Naps, Netflix and Lots of Chocolate..."

Like many TV & film enthusiasts, I'm a self confessed netflix lover... Or addict, depending on how you look at it. I love coming home from work to relax with a movie, or my TV series of the moment. I highly recommend the £6 a month for what seems like an endless array of stories to stream on your own humble television.

My two favourite recommendations for August are:

The Magic of Belle Isle
Starring Morgan Freeman, this feel good movie sees a grumpy ex-writer spend the summer next door to a single mum and her 3 mischievous girls. I really enjoyed this story, as I do most Morgan Freeman films. It's a laugh/cry journey and a must watch film for a relaxing mid-week evening. I highly recommend! 9/10

The Walking Dead 
Netflix is famed for its ability to incapacitate a person for days on end, after said person finds a TV series that they just can't stop watching. The Walking Dead was mine for this month. I managed, with the company of my lovely boyfriend to watch the first four seasons in just over a week. Full of zombie gore, a variety of love/hate characters and a the struggle of a young boy growing up in a violent world with his police man father. This series will have you laughing, cringing, jumping and on occasion even shedding a tear. Once to watch! 7/10

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